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Artist: RJ Clay

Song: Tango Again

Pictured: RJ Clay

Recording: Jim Weindorf

Performance ©2010 RJ Clay

Recording © 2010 Fossil creek Studio LLC

Artist: Baily Stauffer & The Katy Janes

Song: Sweet Atonement

Pictured: Baily Stauffer

©2010 Baily Stauffer & The Katy Janes

Recording © 2010 Fossil Creek Studio LLC

© 2008-10 Fossil Creek Studio

Artist: Ferris Wheel Chronicles

Song: Time Will Tell

Pictured: Josh Johnson

©2008 Jayce Curtis

Artist: Jim Weindorf

Song: The Cold Hand (of Fate)

©2004 James Weindorf

All music,vocals,programming- Jim Weindorf

Pictured: Jim Weindorf

   Here at FCS we believe in having fun when recording music and that’s why we keep an informal setting . Being mobile, we come to you in the setting you’re comfortable with or where you’re playing to capture that perfect gig. We encourage input from our artists throughout the process of recording, mixing, mastering, all the way down to the final burn of their CD.

   We record with a Roland VS-2480 & VS-2000CD Digital Workstations, up to 16 inputs and 16 tracks of recording at one time . We use a variety  of microphones and effects to give you the sound you want. We also can record here at FCS for smaller groups or solo artists. No matter what you play we can record it, Rock, Acoustic, Big Bands, Choirs- solo & groups.  So make a DEMO and get some jobs, preserve the perfect gig or record your first album.

  Here are some recordings from the Fossil Creek Studio archives or visit our Artist Pages using the links below. Have a listen & enjoy.  Drop us an e-mail for appointments or give us a call (970) 301-6059.

Recording starts as low as $35.00 an hour.

Fossil Creek Studio Artist Pages:   RJ Clay   The Say-SO Crazies  CB 50

Made on a Mac

Artist: Kona Krunchers

Song: Bitchin’ Chicken

© Mike Schultz 2005

Mike Schultz: Vocals, guitar, pictured

Jim Weindorf: Lead guitar, bass, drum programming-a.k.a. Roland

Recorded at the original FCS

Fort Collins, CO.

Artist: Jim Weindorf

Song: Get Hitched

© James Weindorf 2009

Jim Weindorf: Vocals, lyrics,programing of digital Garage Band